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The Wonderful World of Peter Williams  serves as the highly anticipated prequel to the hit comedy stage play So Fierce: Peter Williams written, co-directed and produced by Alemaedae Theater’s CEO / Founder Phil Davis Sr. and co-directed by Xavier Films founder Pete Johnson. The film stars RLTP Ensemble member Barry Williams as Peter Williams. The show also stars Monique Webb, Leon Copeland, Taura "Chyna" Stephens, Sierra Johnson, Erin Moss, LaRon Bradley, Jennifer Holmes, Roger Killian, Pete Johnson, Shantel Webb, Greg Chaffee, and Andre Colon.


Before he was stunning audiences all over the world with his flawless looks, quick wit and signature walk, the fierce model and enigmatic superstar Peter Damn Williams was known as “Little Petey”; a sensitive, loving boy who was a product of a single parent home due to an absentee father. Throughout his childhood he was bullied and ridiculed for being more feminine than the other boys and for his unorthodox fashion sense and style, turning him into an angry and defensive teen. Through encouragement from his hard working mother Patricia and tough love from his charismatic maternal grandfather Damn Williams, Peter Williams overcame many odds that attempted to shatter his dream of becoming a top model / actor. In this unofficial and very exaggerated autobiography told by Peter Williams himself, we are introduced to his world through his eyes, live and on stage. While reliving some of the key moments in his life we are introduced to an array of colorful and entertaining characters. The Wonderful World of Peter Williams will be 90 minutes of pure comedic entertainment that will have you wanting more of Peter Damn Williams.


Though it is a comedic tale, The Wonderful World of Peter Williams deals with real life issues. We are shown several instances throughout the film that not having his father in his life, not only effected Peter negatively, but his mother and siblings as well. It is an issue that has become more than common place nowadays and has impacted a whole generation of people. The discrimination and bullying of people because of their perceived life style or sexual orientation has led many people to commit suicide and or become bullies themselves, in an attempt to shield their pain. In this film Peter Williams shows us both sides of the spectrum. As a person who was bullied most of his life he adopted the “do onto others before they do unto you” approach. He walks a fine line between the victim and villain on several occasions. The film doesn’t serve as the answer to these important life issues, but it addresses them and serves as a forum for future discussion.


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